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Sports-centric betting is a common phenomenon that has been heavily regulated over the years all over the world. However, it is always frowned upon, but rightfully so, there is a valid argument regarding predictive betting. Every sport has a stake in bets, the sports that are made money off are,

  • Soccer
  • Horseracing
  • Basketball
  • Martial arts
  • Cricket

Benefits of betting

Sports betting is essentially placing your bets on monetary terms predicting a particular action in a sport or the game’s outcome. For example, there can be bets placed on individual rounds in martial arts, the outcome, and the outcome method for a particular win. (Knockout, choke, hits). Sometimes, the focus on placing bets could be extremely specific in sports like Cricket, where every ball could be betted on.

There are some rules and regulations that govern the functioning of betting in sports all over the world. While some countries have banned mega888 APK betting completely, it is an ongoing debate everywhere. The industry is approximately more than 3 trillion USD which is more than many developing nations globally. this, however, this story is under the rad

The countries that bet the most money are,

  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • Australia
  • China
  • Singapore

The wrong side

When one sees this amount of money being placed on a sport, some big players want to get a piece of it. Influential people get involved, and typically, they hate losing money. That’s when predictive betting turns to planned betting. Influential people with the power of money trying to influence famous or new players in a popular team of a particular sport to underperform for money. The reason why players bend for money could be,

  • A high volume of money.
  • Fear.

Fear comes into the picture because betting is done by an organized group with criminal records, forcing players to do as they are asked.  Betting is supposed to be co-dependent on the game and not the players. Under no circumstances should a player be compelled to play in a way that benefits an ulterior motive set by one or a group of betting personnel.

Heavily regulating and monitoring bets, levying a provisional tax on the profit, and players’ well-being should be a step ahead in the industry. As things go digital, it becomes all the more important to track money flow because an industry so big could generate revenue models for a nation/government. Absolute prohibition is also a stepping stone towards illegal findings to do the prohibited.

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