Slots – Is It A Form Of Entertainment Or Addiction?


There are many people who gamble on the internet and around 40% of people in the United States spend money gambling online. Most would agree that while having money at stake is risky; most gamblers play games which are designed to be exciting and entertaining rather than being addictive. Furthermore, there are many responsible websites monitored by state laws which restrict underage players and do not promote addictive behavior.

Hence, it would seem that slots can be an important part of entertainment with few harmful effects if done responsibly. But this has all changed since the creation of cryptocurrency slots websites like SatoshiDice in 2011. While SatoshiDice started out as a Bitcoin gambling site, they were sold in 2013 to an anonymous investor in Cloud Cuckoo Land who made it into a financial investment. Later, gamblers were finding that they were being encouraged to take excessive risks by playing high stakes because the owners of SatoshiDice wanted to profit from their losses. The players began to complain about this because the high stakes matched their SatoshiDice bets with higher stakes from other sites and made it more likely for them to lose all their money.


This is important because there is a tendency for people with addictive personalities to be more likely to get involved with slots (สล็อต) sites and gamble at higher stakes than they would otherwise do if betting anonymously at local casinos. This is because the web makes it possible for players to be anonymous and so the chances of being caught by the authorities are reduced. Also, it’s more convenient for compulsive gamblers to access these websites at any time of day or night than it is for them to attend casinos. In addition, gamblers are more likely to play using their mobile phones and tablets as well as computer equipment which makes it even easier for them to gamble when they feel like it.

Therefore, the emergence of cryptocurrency gambling websites which allow players to gamble using a variety of cryptocurrency systems has led to the development of new gambling sites which look at this problem from a different perspective. Instead of allowing players to gamble without control, these sites place strict rules on how much and when you can play as well as giving gamblers the ability to withdraw money if they are unhappy with their experience. They also offer customers an opportunity to be able to track their bets and see exactly where their money is going. The only problem with these types of websites is that its unlikely gamblers will be able to find them because they don’t advertise heavily in the same way as traditional online casinos.

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