What must you know about the variations of Poker?


If onesayshe plays poker, he means to say he plays Texas Holdem. This game has turned hugely popular over the previous decade due to some films, such as “Rounders” and the WSOP (World Series of Poker. However, you will come across various other variations of poker, and among them; the remarkable types are community, draw, and stud card games. At a friendly table, often the dealer gets the choice to decide on the kind of game. Commonly, the more structured tournaments do specify the format right from the get-go.

Some popular variations of poker that a person might think of playing are mentioned below:

  • Texas Holdem – This game of poker is presently the most well-known variation of poker and if you discover a website or a card room where you can play poker games, then Texas Holdem will turn out to be a featured game which has a huge selection of stakes and tables for players from where they can take their pick.
  • Omaha Hi –The second most popular poker game is considered Omaha Hi. Here, Hi is meant the uppermost hand which is being awarded. Commonly, Omaha Hi is played in the form of a pot-limit game and it is commonly known as PLO or (Pot-Limit Omaha).
  • Omaha Hi-Lo – Also recognized as Omaha 8, Omaha Hi-Lo is considered a variation which has huge similarities to Omaha Hi, except the fact that the pot is divided between the highest- and lowest-ranked 5-star poker hands equally.
  • 7-Card Stud –Before Texas Holdem came to the forefront of the popularity of poker, Stud Poker happened to the highly common type of poker. This game has gone through a huge revolution and today, every player receives his hand.
  • 2-7 Triple Draw – This is considered a highly interesting kind of poker and in this poker game, every player deals with his 5-card hand. In the 2-7 Triple Draw game of poker, gamers get three draw attempts for trying and making the finest “low” hand.
  • 5-Card Draw – In 5-Card Draw, players look forward to making the poker hand of the highest 5-card ranked. To begin with, every player deals with his separate hand and it continues to remain hidden from various other players.
  • Badugi – This variation of poker does fall under the “Lowball” and “draw” families of poker. Nonetheless, this game is pretty unique in comparison to various other poker games as it uses the hand ranking system for determining the finest hand.
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